Put aside everything that you have been told about the brain and mind power.
Now that you've made it here your life will never be the same. Find out more!
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Quit Smoking

This is not between you and cigarettes.

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Weight Loss

Increase you chance for success with MindEASY.

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Mental Health

Stop buying into being written off as sick.

Hi and Welcome to Mind Easy

You are offered 2 of the most successful techniques available for true, rapid permanent change. MindEasy & Hypnosis. In addition you are also offered a Free initial consultation to see for yourself .

After only a few sessions with Martin
I feel like I am now the one in control and know that I am going to spend the rest of my life actually living and enjoying it rather than wasting it worrying and hiding away.

The first step to success

Put aside everything that you have been told about the Brain or Mind-Power The first step to moving forward in your life is KNOWLEDGE. Information that is grounded in science and not just designed by others to give what they think it is you want to hear, only to fail you.

My greatest dislike as it should be yours.

Having worked as a registered psychologist for over 30 years prior to taking leave from the profession, I hate seeing people being misinformed by others or told or sold nonsense or half truths, being taken advantage of, or taken down the wrong track. The horrifying fact of the matter is that there is no other industry that is as totally plastered with nonsense - half truths - misinformation than the mind health industry. Unfortunately nonsense sells.