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M.A., Honours in Psychology. Dip Clin Hyp. Director- Senior Consultant - Creator of MindEASY

Clinical Background

Prior to taking formal leave from the profession, my career as a registered psychologist extended over 32 years. For 18 years, prior to taking up full time private practice I was employed as a Registered Clinical Psychologist at Oakley Forensic Hospital and Carrington Hospital in Auckland.

My primary duties were to provide psychological and neuropsychological assessments for the courts, as well as provide individual and group therapeutic programs. In addition to my hospital experience I have also had experience working with the Police, Schools and Sporting bodies.

I am also a certified hypnotherapist with almost 40 years experience.

I took leave from the psychology profession to pursue the development of MindEasy, a program that is designed to show how to overcome personal issues or to achieve personal goals without the need for medication or months or years of counselling. It will also show you how to get the best out of yourself without buying into the fanciful notions promoted by New Age approaches that are top heavy with feel good positive prescriptions designed to give you what you want to hear but when subjected to a reality test are more likely to fail you.

I am also the author of 'Dirty Tricks of the Brain' - keeping humans ignorant, divided and dangerous. It is available as e-book and in hardcopy at Alternatively, you can obtain a signed discounted copy from me.

I wish I learnt what Martin has to share years ago, but thankful further years will not tick by, making the same mistakes as before.. "I believe it's essential to learn what Martin has to teach before you can absorb any other type of motivation or self improvement programs - thank you".
H .Police
When I first met Martin it was at the time when my wife & I started our house renovations and I was trying to study for my last University paper, as well as run my business. Things kind of came to a head and I started to find I was spinning out of control. I approached Martin, and he was able to steer me in the right direction through his specialized techniques. I will always be grateful to Martin and thank him sincerely. He is highly recommended.
H. Director
I would like to thank you for enlightening me to the traps of the brain and giving me the tools to move past those traps and move forward in life. I wish I had seen you earlier. You really helped me though a very dark period. I appreciate how you always made yourself available for me as well as your regular follow ups through this period. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.
S. Police

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