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You Are Not Sick

Please appreciate that life is not an illness. Given the nature of our society, life can be and is for the majority very unfair, unjust and unkind. The fact is life can suck big time. I know I have been there myself. Despite this, don’t become a victim of the modern world and sell your soul or buy into being classified as depressed or sick.

No ongoing counselling, No medication

Find out how to overcome depression smartly without the need for ongoing counselling or a life on medication. It saddens me how many how people are already being written up for a life of antidepressants. Don’t be one of them.

Mind Easy will show you where so many approaches have got it wrong. Also, please don’t buy into new age approaches that excel in telling what you want to hear and leave you numb when reality comes knocking. Depression, like everything else, is a trick of the brain — learn how not to buy into it.

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“There are no biological causes for any psychiatric disorders apart from dementia.”

Please take time to watch this 1 min 48 sec video.

Refer Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry

Overcome depression without medication

Mind Easy will show you how to overcome depression without the need of medication, ongoing counselling, CBT, or by trying to fool your brain with prescriptions that are designed to make you feel good in the short term but fail your miserably when reality strikes.

If you are ‘suffering’ with Depression you owe it to yourself to come in for a free initial consultation to see for yourself why Mind Easy is the most effective, down to earth and honest programme to help you move forward again.

Empowered with this knowledge we are moving forward to a brighter, stronger future.

KS, Mother, Accountant

Incredibly insightful, it has armed me with ultimately very simple tools to tackle pretty much anything.

JD, Financial Consultant

I can’t stop talking to others about the program and have already referred several people to Martin.


I feel like I am now the one in control. I am going to spend the rest of my life actually living and enjoying it.


I highly recommend the Mind Easy programme. I felt more in control and at ease with myself.

Peter, East Auckland
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