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Additional Issues

Obessive Complusive Disorder

Martin gave me the simple tools to change my take on my OCD. After years of suffering alone, I can finally experience joy and appreciate the simple things in life.
- S. - Bio Engineer

Panic Attacks

I am a 23 year old mother. For the past 3 yrs I have not been able to be on my own anywhere in public for more than 5minutes suffering from Panic Attacks. With Martin's help and to everyone's amazement I have just travelled to Wellington and back by plane this weekend. I can't believe it. Martin was unfailing in his commitment to see me conquer my fears.
- Amanda
I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your programme, and to let you know how happy I am about the HUGE TURNAROUND effect it has had on my 20 year old daughter, who has been suffering from chronic panic attacks in addition to ongoing weight issues. Your programme has given my daughter a new lease on life and it has restored her confidence in herself and she now feels she is ready to take on the world and this is only half way through your programme.
- D. Principal.

Binge eating

Martin's program has enabled me to get my binge eating under control. I am just so happy. It saddens me how many years of my life I hated myself and all the relationships that I had destroyed. It is also sad to think of all the other sufferers out there who are not getting the benefit of this wonderful program. I feel empowered and more in control of my life'.
- S receptionist

Aspergers Syndrome

My 18 year old son has Aspergers Syndrome and both he and I are currently doing Martins program. It is just great to see my son responding so well after so many years of lack any worthwhile benefit from the list of professional therapists seen over the years Martin's program is remarkable it has given us the opportunity to recreate our lives and our relationships. The program is simple and easy to apply and once it is learned it is a tool that can be used in every situation and for life. After three sessions with Martin I feel able to make changes in all areas of my life. Martin's program does not invoke feelings of guilt, blame or shame Mother.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Over the last 15 years my life has been a constant struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have 3 children. I have gone through bouts of depression and have at times entertained thoughts of suicide. I have often felt that because of my condition and the restrictions that it had placed on me that my family must have felt very much unloved by me. Writing this brings tears. A friend of mine referred me to Martin. Martin did not waste any time going into my background and instead began a course to educate me about the tricks of the brain. I felt something positive taking place in my life from the first visit. Having completed the 5 session course I feel like I am better than my old self - I am ready to enjoy life and am booked on a family trip to Iceland - an idea that I would have sent me running for bed prior to doing Martin's course. I would recommend Martin to any person wanting to make changes in their life's.
- M.B


I went to Martin hoping for a magic bullet and came away wishing I had always known what he taught me. In the short term I have used his formidable toolbox to deal with severe claustrophobia and general fearfulness. In the longer term I shall be facing far deeper challenges in the knowledge that Martin will continue to accompany and support me.
- J. Director


Having suffered from anxiety attacks and agoraphobia for over 10 years I have been to several different counsellors, psychologists, and the phobic trust with limited improvements. After only a few sessions with Martin I feel like I am now the one in control and know that I am going to spend the rest of my life actually living and enjoying it rather than wasting it worrying and hiding away.
- P.


I have found Martin's sessions to be of great help, not only with my personal issue of problematic alcohol consumption but also developing a greater understanding of the workings of the brain. This understanding has enabled me to rationalize excessive behaviour in myself and recognize it in others. Martin is thorough, communicates well and explains difficult concepts through easy-to-follow examples. The lessons I have learnt will be with me for life.
- C. Director
Martin is gifted and used this talent helping me to find freedom and a new lease on life after a very demanding 4yr period during which time I had to deal with a death, a new baby and a difficult separation, I had become completely unfocused. Excessive alcohol use was also a major concern. Within a few sessions and without delving into my past Martin has provided a foundation for my now optimistic outlook. I am a 24-year-old American woman [based in LA] that competes at very high international
- P Mother

Fear of flying

I was totally petrified of flying and wanted to meet up with my partner in the UK. Thanks to Martin's help I was able to travel there and back totally confident with the skills I learnt. I am certainly looking forward to more travel.
- B. Dentist

Sleep issues

Thank you for helping me with my sleep problem. The skills you have taught me make me feel so much more confident with the future and tackling all the other issues I outlined to you. I now feel I have the power to go through anything that comes my way.
D. 17yr old student


Our son is a schizophrenic, despite being treated with medication; his life was very sad, lonely and dark, keeping him distant from all his friends and family. This all changed after Martin undertook a program with him. He is now probably the sanest member of our family. As a psychiatric nurse I worked with Martin over many years within the hospital environment. Martin had the knack where others failed in breaking through with otherwise non responsive patients. It was always impressive to see the resulting changes.
Retired Psych Nurse

Sons and daughters

I just wanted to thank you for your care and support of my daughter. She has stopped smoking dope for five months now. She feels her memory is better. I don't know about alcohol because I don't see her socialise but she tells me she can limit what she drinks now and we have had no repeat drunk driving. I no longer dread the weekends and she appears to have matured somewhat. This success I attribute to your sessions with her, so once again thank-you.
Marie - Mother
My 21-year old son was suffering from depression and had anger issues. From our second session with Martin, I noticed a positive change in my son's attitude. He used to play the blame game and couldn't get past the victim mentality. He has now realised that he is the master of his own destiny and stopped self-sabotaging. I've been trying to get this message across for years - somehow Martin managed to do that within a few sessions. Thank you.
My 16 yr old son was in a very bad way, angry and suicidal. We were referred to Martin by our family doctor. Martin requested that I sit in on the program along with my son. It is impossible to describe the incredible immediate impact that Martin had on both of us. It was just awesome to see my son not only relating so fully to Martin but also to see him look forward to each session. The program was highly interesting and made so much sense. I would recommend it to anyone. Both my wife and I are grateful for the turn around in our son's mental attitude.
Martin, grateful thanks for your recent work with my 'special' daughter. You have armed her with positive thought and direction for the future. "Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another
- George Elliott Kind regards Margaret T

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