You are not sick

Depression, MindEasyPlease appreciate that life is not an illness. Given the nature of our society - life can be and is for the majority very unjust.

The fact is life can suck big time. I know I have been there many times myself. Despite this, don’t become a victim of the modern world and sell your soul or buy into being classified as depressed or sick.

Find out how to overcome depression smartly without the need for ongoing counselling or a life on medication. It saddens me how many how people are already being written up for a life of anti- depressants. Don’t be one of them.

MindEASY you will show where so many approaches have got it wrong. Also, please don’t buy into new age approaches that excel in telling what you want to hear and leave you numb when reality comes knocking.

Depression like everything else is a trick of the brain – learn how not to buy into it.

My 16 yr old son was in a very bad way, angry and suicidal. We were referred to Martin by our family doctor. Martin requested that I sit in on the program along with my son. It is impossible to describe the incredible immediate impact that Martin had on both of us. It was just awesome to see my son not only relating so fully to Martin but also to see him look forward to each session. The program was highly interesting and made so much sense. I would recommend it to anyone. Both my wife and I are grateful for the turn around in our son’s mental attitude. - G
I went to Martin for help to deal with major depression. In fact my whole life was turned upside down because of a major life event. I had seen several psychologists and psychiatrists prior to seeing Martin without any real impact on the hold that this dark episode had over me. A lift in mood and spirit was evident to both myself and my wife from the first session and continued with each session thereafter. Like everyone I still have the odd bad day but my load has been lightened and I am immediately able to dig myself out of the dark mood when I reflect on my sessions with Martin. In a nutshell Martin’s program worked for me. - W. Pilot
What saddens me is how like all other so called mental issues, the incidence, severity and duration of depression and depressive episodes could be minimised if not totally eliminated if children were taught from an early age about the tricks of the brain as revealed by the MindEasy program.

MindEASY will show you how to overcome depression without trying to fool your brain with prescriptions that are designed to make you feel good in the short term but fail your miserably when reality strikes.

If you are suffering from Depression - please you owe it to yourself to come in for a free initial consultation to see for yourself why MindEASY is the most effective, down to earth and honest program to help you move forward again.

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