About MindEasy

Make your brain work for you and not against you.

No counselling
No pills
No new age nonsense

Life is tough enough for most of us. It is much tougher when we are carrying personal issues.

MindEasy is a breakthrough no-nonsense program which I developed during the course of my 30 year career as a registered clinical psychologist. The MindEasy program will show you how to make the brain work for you - not against you as it is prone to do. Its step by step format will give you a unique perspective on personal and interpersonal issues and show you how to overcome these without medication or months of counselling.

Personal Goals

MindEasy will demonstrate how you can get the best out of yourself without buying into fanciful notions promoted by new age approaches. New-age therapies promote positive prescriptions which tell you what you want to hear, but when subjected to a reality test these therapies will most likely fail you.

Why is MindEasy unique?

The MindEasy program is totally honest, firmly grounded in reality and founded on scientific understanding of the brain. MindEasy will show you how to strip the brain back and disempower a very powerful and destructive inherent component that primes us to self-sabotage.

Mindeasy is highly successfully administered on its own or in conjunction with hypnosis.

You be the judge. Free 30 minute Consultation.

I have always thought there is a control switch in my head. This program has shown me what it is and given me the tools to help deal with it. I can't stop talking to others about the program and have already referred several people to Martin. - Annie
I found the program incredibly insightful and it has armed me with ultimately very simple tools to tackle pretty much anything. I haven't felt so empowered in a long-time. It's definitely far easier to live life with an easy smile on my face knowing what I know now..
- J . Financial Consultant
Recently our 18 year old son told us he was experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression and O.C.D. We were referred to Martin who taught us many things, but most importantly he taught us about the power of our brain and how not be tricked by it. Empowered with this knowledge we are moving forward to a brighter, stronger future. Not only can our son use these new skills but the whole family can benefit in a positive way as we have been eager to share after each session with Martin. Thank you Martin for your time and expertise...
- K Mother /Accountant
I highly recommend the MindEasy programme. After the first session I felt more in control and at ease with myself. This feeling has continued to grow as I have learnt more about my brain and how it works. It is also great finding something that has an 'end goal' with a finite amount of sessions - it is not continuous therapy sessions of talking about the past instead of dealing with the future. I encourage everyone to participate in this workshop to learn more about yourself and the key to your happiness and fulfilment.

Results may vary