Smoking Cessation

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking, MindEasyThe first step to succeeding in achieving your goal is to stop trying to kid the brain - or buy into programs that try to kid the brain. All the time you believe this is between you and cigarettes you are going to struggle and fail and make the dependency so much stronger. This is not between you and cigarettes. This is between you and another aspect of the brain that's primed to work against you and screw up your life. No different to any other personal issues or addiction. Dramatically increase your chance for success with Hypnosis and/or MindEASY.

Thanks once again. I'm so excited to be free from that disgusting habit. I have not touched a cigarette since our session and really feel as though I never need to smoke again :) thank you for helping me to remember who and what I really am.
- Warm regards, Leanne

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